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Whimsical Wedding Cakes

Although it is true that the traditional wedding cake goes hand and glove with the white wedding gown and other traditional symbols of innocence and purity. Queen Victoria set the trend and tradition for white weddings. In 1840 she wore a white wedding gown and married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg. This was the true beginning of the modern white wedding. Of course, it was natural that the wedding cake would match the gown. Thus, the traditional cake is white and tiered.

However, in keeping the fun loving side of any gathering, may we suggest something on the whimsical side for your cake. After all this is not 1840! Allowing us to design and create a whimsical wedding cake for you would be such fun! For truly timeless beauty with a unique flair that is suitable for both the perfect bride and groom. Cake pictures are some of your fondest memories, let our artist design and create a truly unique whimsical wedding cake. Cakes On The Move enjoys the deliciousness of creativity in all aspects of each wedding. A whimsical wedding cake will set the bride and groom apart from all other weddings.