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Creative Economy Cakes

To be creative, and on a bit of a temporary budget just expands our creativity. We have come to know it is actually a very positive way of looking at wedding cakes. Taking our creativity to another level we can come up with some of the most beautiful, elegant, memorable, spectacular designs, and ask about some of them with you call us. Using only the finest ingredients we have found ways to be so creative and economical in this economy. The quality, and attention to detail along with the personalized service of Cakes On The Move is what all our brides are talking about.

The tinting of your icing is the follow through for bringing your wedding color within the photographers camera lens. Creating mouth watering memories. Only delicious memories of expressing the individuality of each bride can be captured the moment the wedding cake is cut by the bride and groom at the cake cutting ceremony.

Allow us creative license to create your economic wedding cake. Complimentary delivery is included so your cake delivery will be worry free.

We adore consulting with all our brides on a personalized level. Please feel free to call directly at 702-497-0343 to speak with our designer.