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Bling Wedding Cakes

Over the top comes to mind whenever we custom design a wedding cake for our bling brides. Delicious cakes filled with a variety of mouth watering decadent fillings listed on our site are just a few ways to enjoy the bling life has to offer. We have even custom design and created bling stand with mirrors that reflect the elegance of any bling cake we create for our bride on her wedding day.

Square or round and any colors our bride desires can be incorporated into her wedding cake here at Cakes On The Move. Rhinestones that shimmer and shine are extremely gorgeous set this bride apart from the classical wedding cakes. Diamond shaped sides to ruffles. Matching our brides dress to bling stands that are incorporated into the cake design and set up. We create edible bling jewelry as well bringing all of our sugar artistry to create the wedding cake of your dreams. Cakes On The Move is here for you from bite size desserts handmade chocolate gifts for guests to the elegance of a bling wedding cake.