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Cupcakes and Cheese Cakes

Cupcakes are trendy right now. Ours can be filled with any of the fillings listed on our site. If you enjoy alcohol, that is also an option for filling as well. Our cheese cakes are the New York Style, they are 3‚ÄĚdeep and can be covered in whip cream with a fruit topping of your choice. This is deliciously different for any special occasion or birthday party.

We also have our signature cheese cake which consists of a layer of cheese cake, filling, and another layer of chocolate or white cake. All can be iced in whip cream icing, or butter-cream. We would suggest the whip-cream icing however it does melt in your mouth and creates a mouth watering sensation for all your guests. Quality, attention to detail, and friendly, personalized service are only a few of the reasons our Brides’ are raving about their wedding cake experience created by “Cakes On The Move”.